DIY Project: Board Bench

Here's a very simple project that can be built in a couple of hours.

All you will need to build this bench is one 2x12 8' long, one 2x4 8' long, and 3 1/2" deck screws.

You can download the PDF free, see link below.

Simple design for a board bench, free plans

Board bench exploded view, cut list



Board bench: Material / Cut List

Disc. Qty. Size
Seat (2x12) 1 5'
Leg (2x12) 2 1 '6"
Brace (2x4) 1 4' 1"

Board bench plans front view

Board bench plans side view


Board Bench: Shopping List

Disc. Qty. Size
Seat, Legs (2x12) 1 8'
Brace (2x4) 1 8'
3 1/2″ deck screws
Depth X Width:
Board Bench
1'x5' Free DIY plans for a simple to build board bench



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