DIY Plans: Adirondack Chair


adirondack chair


Adirondack Chair: Shopping List

Since lumber can be purchased in different sizes, the shopping list will vary. Study the plans and make changes to the shopping list if required.

Disc. Qty. Size
(1x6) Back Slats 1 12'
(1x4) Arm, Seat Slats, Front Seat Support, Back Leg Support, Top Back Support 2 10'
(2x4) Leg, Seat Support, Center Back Support, Bottom Back Support 2 8'
3/8" Carriage bolt, nut, washer 4 3 1/2"
1/4" Carriage bolt, nut, washer 4 2 1/2"
Exterior Screws   2"
Exterior Screws   1 1/4"
Exterior Screws   3"



Assembly Instructions


Width X Depth:
DIY Adirondack Chair
2'5"x3'11/16" $1 DIY Adirondack Chair



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