Know What You Can Compost

Some of the most popular things you can compost at home are any discard parts of, or spoiled fruits and vegetables. While this may account for the bulk of your compost, you can also compost:

• Egg Shells
• Nut Shells
• Coffee Grounds
• Grass Clippings
• Leaves
• Flowers
• Tea Leaves
• Dairy—but keep in mind that dairy can attract pests so mix it in well.

Things You Can’t Compost

An important factor of learning how to compost, is knowing what you can’t compost too. The items below are too toxic to compost, or must be composted with caution. To play it safe, do not compost:

• Ashes Or Coals
• Cat And Dog Droppings
• Limes
• Colored Paper
• Diseased Plants Or Produce
• Sods
• Weeds
• Meat


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